Update on "old School"

Repair and Maintenance and Finance Update

The scheduled work on the two-storey roof of the ‘old school’ has been completed at a cost of $34,374. 

Once on the roof it was discovered that the cement rendering that was used for waterproofing sections of the roof that could not be tiled has deteriorated, was crumbling and had lost its waterproofing effectiveness. A concrete render was called in to inspect the roof and he advised that the cement rendering would need replacing. It was decided that it could not be done before Christmas and the New Year break, consequently, the work will be carried out early next year. No costing for the work has yet been established. Due to it being on the roof of a two-storey building, requiring scaffolding and concrete being pumped to that height, we can anticipate it will be costly.

We are seeking expressions of interest in commercially leasing the building.