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25th Aug 2022 / Thursday - 7:00PM

Sacrament of First Communion

19th June 2022, Sunday 1:00PM / 25th June 2022, Saturday 6:00PM Vigil


Daily Mass Times

Monday - Saturday - 8:00AM

Mass Times

Saturday Vigil - 6:00PM / Sunday Mass - 10:00AM

Confession Times

Saturday after 8:00AM Mass / Saturday 5:15pm




Details about booking a Baptism at Sts Peter and Paul’s.


Details about having your wedding at Sts Peter and Paul’s.

First Reconciliation

Registration opens at the beginning of School Term 1 in 2023.

First Holy Communion

Registration opens at the beginning of School Term 2 in 2023.

Sacrament of Confirmation

Registration for the Sacrament of Confirmation 2022 is now open.

Open House

An oasis in the city where welcome is offered to guests who seek a peaceful place to chat, relax, perhaps read…

Emerald Hill

Emerald Hill Mission (EHM) has a long and continuous collaboration with the Parish of Sts Peter and Paul.

Perpetual Mass

Spiritual Enrolments in the Seraphic Mass Association, a partnership with the Capuchin Friars in their…


The Catholic Church has a mission-driven moral and legal responsibility to create nurturing environments…

Donate to Sts Peter & Paul's

If you'd like to donate to the parish online, outside of the usual Mass collections, here are the details

Bank Transfer

Account Name: Parish SS Peter & Paul

BSB: 083 155

Account number: 515577466


You are welcomed to give a one-time donation, or regular ongoing.

Your generosity will go towards the regular running and maintenance costs of the parish.


History & Architecture

The foundation stone of the first Sts. Peter and Paul’s Church was laid…

Capuchin Friars

Sts. Peter and Paul’s Parish is under the pastoral care of the…