Collaborating with the Parish

Emerald Hill Mission (EHM) has a long and continuous collaboration with the Parish of Sts Peter & Paul.

The EHM food van which can be seen parked near the church serves evening meals and distributes food parcels to those in need in St Kilda,. The evening meals distributed by the van are prepared by EHM volunteers in the kitchen of the parish hall.

However, this is only the more visible dimension of EHM. The Open House facility usually operates 5 days a week, serving hot meals and distributing food parcels to those in need. More recently, meals are also prepared each morning for some students at a local school whose families struggle to be able to provide breakfast and lunch for their children.

A proud cornerstone of the charity, EHM’s Education Program supports students from years 7-12 with new books, uniforms and other educational necessities. This helps to ease the burden on families  who may otherwise struggle to provide basic supplies so their children may attend school.

For enquiries on joining the program, please email

Ms. Corrie Bray on corriebray@gmail.com

For more information on the services provided by Emerald Hill Mission, please refer to their own dedicated webpage.